Monday, October 3, 2011

I Am My Own Ghost

Advanced Photography:
Questioning Truth in Photography

For this first assignment our challenge was to make our viewers question the truth of photography.  I chose to focus on my fear of the unknown presence or what I like to call ghosts.  As a child I always feared certain areas and rooms in my aunts house.  This fear caused me to believe that even if I was by myself I had a feeling that if I turned my head there would be something or someone watching me.  Through the process of photographing I struggled with the identity of this so called presence that I felt.  I then realized that the only reason I feel as though I'm being watched is because I cause myself to be scared even though I know nothing is there.  This is when I realized that I am my own ghost.  It is all a figment of my imagination.  The spaces chosen for each image are the specific places in my aunts house that I have that daunting feeling.  
When capturing each image, I made the decision to not photograph my face.  This decision was made in order to leave the identity of the person and the ghost open.  This is so each person who looks at these photographs can place themselves in the image and are able to relate to them especially if they have the same fear that I do.  Every two images are meant to correlate with each other.