Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Advanced Photography

This project is meant to represent society and the many different people (those of different ethnic backgrounds etc.).  The viewer will not be able to identify the individual from each image, which then allows them to place himself or herself into the work.  I have this thought, that in a larger sense, all human beings are somehow related to each other.  Being catholic I was raised to understand that God creates us all in his image, we are all brothers and sisters.  Religion has not been a huge part of my life lately, but conceptually this idea felt as though it would create a strong body of work.  Though not all people are religious in whichever ways, I still feel that the viewers will be able to connect with this work on their own level.  Physically there are many differences between us all, each individual is unique, but with choosing to photograph closely on certain facial features, I am eliminating the option for the viewer to compare and contrast each individual as a whole.  Once the work is completed and displayed the viewer will be able to notice differences in each image, but my overall goal is to prove that without knowing who may or may not be related the viewer will be able to notice similarities.  This will tie in my idea mentioned above. 

Friday, November 23, 2012


Studio Problems in Photography

I have always been told I look just like my sisters, but I was never able to pick up on the physical similarities.  I always felt there were more differences between the three of us.  Some say my oldest sister and I look the most alike, and my middle sister is like a foreign child (not looking like either of us).  There are many siblings in the world, but how many actually look alike.  Siblings are biologically related, we come from the same mother and father.  One would gather that brothers and sisters would have distinct features that relate them to each other and to their parents.  Though each sperm and egg that make up each specific child (offspring) carries different genes, and each child is unique in their self, I personally believe there should be very similar features.  It is my opinion that not all biologically related siblings look alike.  As the saying goes, some children look like the “mailman’s child.”  With this project I want to determine whether there are features that a similar throughout, or if in fact there are brothers and sisters that physically look very different from each other.  This like my previous project will be printed as cyanotypes.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Open Theme Project #1

Advanced Photography

Recently I have become fascinated with the fact food industries offer many different brands of food products.  I had noticed that typically most home owners have designated cupboards or storage spaces for specific food products.  Within each cupboard there were interesting patterns, some with much organization others without.  My interests are strictly focused on a comparison and contrast against all these different spaces and the food products within.  Because there are many different food brands/products sold in stores, I was interested in discovering whether a majority of shoppers purchase the same/similar items or if there is a noticeable difference.  Visually when placed together, these images create a nice contrast against each other and form an intriguing pattern that draw the viewer in to more closely analyze each individual space.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tell Me Who I Look Like

Studio Problems in Photography
(These are the digital files for this project.  The final presentation was done as cyanotypes and then they were tea toned slightly)

Chromosomes make up all the features that are an individual.  The X chromosome is provided by the mother and an X or Y chromosome from our father, which determines our being male or female.  Initially one would believe since it takes one chromosome from each parent to create us, their child that we would have significant features that make us look just like our parents.  This is true in some families, but then there are some offspring that do not have distinct features that represent the mother or father.  Sometimes these particular offspring are referred to as the “mailman’s child.”  Looking at my matured 23 year old self, I do not believe that I am a good representation of my parents, meaning I do not have distinct features of either or.  Though I am told I look just like my parents.  I want to be able to closely analyze important features in the faces of my parents and myself to be able to conclude my thoughts and others.  

Monday, October 1, 2012

Photo Date Project #5

Advanced Photography

With my last year of school at hand, I feel that my life has become too busy, filled with things everyday.  I never get a chance to relax.  There are times I am so absorbed in my worrying about school that life seems to go on around me and I miss it passing by.  Sometimes it seems as though I am losing moments in a day because I seem to block out the world around me when I am stressed.  

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Photo Date Project #4

Advanced Photography

Food has always been important for the body the grow and remain healthy to live a long life.  Culturally certain dishes bring families together.  Food has become so important especially to buy and stock in homes.  The refrigerator use to be the only storage for food products, and now many areas with in the kitchen now contain food.  These images are from my home, and this is just a small selection of places in which food is stored in my house.  It amazed me to find that for three people who do not eat an over abundance of food, we certainly store a lot in many places in our home.  Do we buy all these food products just to have them, to keep our stomachs happy?  How many people's kitchens are like mine, and could this over stocking on food be a clue as to why so many are obese? 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Photo Date Project #3

Advanced Photography

As children we are always told to pick up after ourselves, to put things back where they belong.  Everything has it's own place or home, (a place designated to that object by us).  As we grow we tend to fall out of the habit of remembering to, basically keep up after ourselves.  While photographing for this project, I became more curious as to whether we chose to forget to put things back, simply through laziness, or have our lives become so complex that we choose the easy way out and forget the manners we were raised on.