Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Advanced Photography

This project is meant to represent society and the many different people (those of different ethnic backgrounds etc.).  The viewer will not be able to identify the individual from each image, which then allows them to place himself or herself into the work.  I have this thought, that in a larger sense, all human beings are somehow related to each other.  Being catholic I was raised to understand that God creates us all in his image, we are all brothers and sisters.  Religion has not been a huge part of my life lately, but conceptually this idea felt as though it would create a strong body of work.  Though not all people are religious in whichever ways, I still feel that the viewers will be able to connect with this work on their own level.  Physically there are many differences between us all, each individual is unique, but with choosing to photograph closely on certain facial features, I am eliminating the option for the viewer to compare and contrast each individual as a whole.  Once the work is completed and displayed the viewer will be able to notice differences in each image, but my overall goal is to prove that without knowing who may or may not be related the viewer will be able to notice similarities.  This will tie in my idea mentioned above. 

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