Friday, November 23, 2012


Studio Problems in Photography

I have always been told I look just like my sisters, but I was never able to pick up on the physical similarities.  I always felt there were more differences between the three of us.  Some say my oldest sister and I look the most alike, and my middle sister is like a foreign child (not looking like either of us).  There are many siblings in the world, but how many actually look alike.  Siblings are biologically related, we come from the same mother and father.  One would gather that brothers and sisters would have distinct features that relate them to each other and to their parents.  Though each sperm and egg that make up each specific child (offspring) carries different genes, and each child is unique in their self, I personally believe there should be very similar features.  It is my opinion that not all biologically related siblings look alike.  As the saying goes, some children look like the “mailman’s child.”  With this project I want to determine whether there are features that a similar throughout, or if in fact there are brothers and sisters that physically look very different from each other.  This like my previous project will be printed as cyanotypes.

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