Saturday, September 22, 2012

Photo Date Project #4

Advanced Photography

Food has always been important for the body the grow and remain healthy to live a long life.  Culturally certain dishes bring families together.  Food has become so important especially to buy and stock in homes.  The refrigerator use to be the only storage for food products, and now many areas with in the kitchen now contain food.  These images are from my home, and this is just a small selection of places in which food is stored in my house.  It amazed me to find that for three people who do not eat an over abundance of food, we certainly store a lot in many places in our home.  Do we buy all these food products just to have them, to keep our stomachs happy?  How many people's kitchens are like mine, and could this over stocking on food be a clue as to why so many are obese? 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Photo Date Project #3

Advanced Photography

As children we are always told to pick up after ourselves, to put things back where they belong.  Everything has it's own place or home, (a place designated to that object by us).  As we grow we tend to fall out of the habit of remembering to, basically keep up after ourselves.  While photographing for this project, I became more curious as to whether we chose to forget to put things back, simply through laziness, or have our lives become so complex that we choose the easy way out and forget the manners we were raised on.  

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Photo Date Project #2

Advanced Photography

I have always been interested in how members of certain families can look so similar to one another, and another family can look so different.  My sisters and I have always been told we look so much alike.  When comparing photographs from younger and recent years, the similarities between us have decreased.  As we have grown and matured I feel we look even less like each other.  For this photo date assignment I chose to do portraits of my sisters and I.  By taking these portraits my hopes are to be able to use these images to compare physical features between the three of us, so I can come to an understanding of how much we do or do not look alike.