Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Open Theme Project #1

Advanced Photography

Recently I have become fascinated with the fact food industries offer many different brands of food products.  I had noticed that typically most home owners have designated cupboards or storage spaces for specific food products.  Within each cupboard there were interesting patterns, some with much organization others without.  My interests are strictly focused on a comparison and contrast against all these different spaces and the food products within.  Because there are many different food brands/products sold in stores, I was interested in discovering whether a majority of shoppers purchase the same/similar items or if there is a noticeable difference.  Visually when placed together, these images create a nice contrast against each other and form an intriguing pattern that draw the viewer in to more closely analyze each individual space.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tell Me Who I Look Like

Studio Problems in Photography
(These are the digital files for this project.  The final presentation was done as cyanotypes and then they were tea toned slightly)

Chromosomes make up all the features that are an individual.  The X chromosome is provided by the mother and an X or Y chromosome from our father, which determines our being male or female.  Initially one would believe since it takes one chromosome from each parent to create us, their child that we would have significant features that make us look just like our parents.  This is true in some families, but then there are some offspring that do not have distinct features that represent the mother or father.  Sometimes these particular offspring are referred to as the “mailman’s child.”  Looking at my matured 23 year old self, I do not believe that I am a good representation of my parents, meaning I do not have distinct features of either or.  Though I am told I look just like my parents.  I want to be able to closely analyze important features in the faces of my parents and myself to be able to conclude my thoughts and others.  

Monday, October 1, 2012

Photo Date Project #5

Advanced Photography

With my last year of school at hand, I feel that my life has become too busy, filled with things everyday.  I never get a chance to relax.  There are times I am so absorbed in my worrying about school that life seems to go on around me and I miss it passing by.  Sometimes it seems as though I am losing moments in a day because I seem to block out the world around me when I am stressed.